It's simple! We prefer that you don't have newly plucked or waxed brows when coming in, so that we can see where your natural brows grow, that way we can shape your brows from scratch. So, the fuller your brows are at your microblading appointment, the better, as we'll have more to work with.

Here are some things to remember not to do:

  • Do not consume alcohol or caffeine 24 hours prior to your microblading procedure (natural blood thinners)
  • Do not use Botox in the forehead and eye area 2 weeks before your procedure
  • Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E or Advil/Ibuprofen 48 hours before your procedure - Tylenol is OK.
  • Do not tint, thread, tweeze or wax your eyebrows 3 days before the procedure (we prefer if you have not cleaned them up)
  • Do not work out the day of the procedure
  • Do not tan 2 weeks prior 
  • Do not have any type of facial/peel or electrolysis 1 week prior to treatment
  • Discontinue Vitamin A/Retinol products 2 weeks prior to treatment
  • Do not take Fish Oil or Vitamin E supplements 1 week prior (natural blood thinners)
  • Avoid Nutritional Shakes, "Hair, Skin, Nail" supplements 48 hours prior to procedure
  • Discontinue prescription Retin-A products 3 weeks prior to your procedure
  • Avoid use of any Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) products close to the eyebrow area 2 weeks prior to and 2 weeks after your procedure
  • Avoid Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion or other invasive facials 3 weeks prior to procedure
  • Please note; Your skin will be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle.

Please take in account that this procedure will take about 2 1/5 hours depending on your brows and their existing condition. Due to the nature of this service we kindly ask that you arrive unaccompanied to your scheduled appointment. Please leave friends, boyfriends/husbands, children and pets at home


Post-care steps are straightforward and simple. It is absolutely crucial that you follow precise Post-Care instructions to achieve the full results of the Microblading procedure. If directions are not followed there is a risk that your procedure results won't last as intended. Your regular brow maintenance of tweezing, threading, waxing and/or tinting may continue as normal once your new brows have healed (after 2 weeks).

  • The day of/after your microblading procedure: Wash your microbladed brows every other hour with a natural fragrance-free gel cleanser (such as Cetaphil) and water. NOTE! Wash your hands with soap before touching the brow area. 
  • Either air dry or dab with a clean tissue after washing your brows (do not use a face towel on the brow area)
  • Apply ointment with a Q-Tip on to your brows in-between the washing (allow eyebrows to completely dry before applying ointment)
  • Apply ointment before bedtime 
  • Continue to apply ointment with a Q-tip onto your brow every morning, mid-day and night for the next 10 days.
  • DO NOT rub, pick or scratch the treated area. Let any scabbing or dry skin naturally exfoliate off. Picking can cause scarring and pigment loss! 
  • Avoid heavy sweating for 1 week - hot yoga, spinning class etc. (pigment can be expelled through your pores and compromise the healed result)
  • Avoid pool, sauna, steam rooms, hot showers and/or hot baths for 3 weeks.
  • NO makeup or skincare products to be used on the treated area for 2 weeks.
  • NO facials, chemical treatments and microdermabrasion for 4 weeks. 
  • NO botox for 4 weeks. 
  • Eyebrow tinting should not be undertaken for 2 weeks after your procedure.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure and tanning beds for a minimum of 4 weeks after your procedure. Direct sunlight can cause the pigment to change color while it is healing and can also cause hyper pigmentation and scarring. After 10 days, once the area has healed completely, use SPF/sunblock when going out in the sun to avoid fading of the pigment. 
  • Try avoiding sleeping on your face/brows for the first 10 days.
  • Keep your bangs and hair pulled back from your face for the first 10 days. 
  • Avoid Retin-A, Chemical Peels and Microderms around the brow area once healed. 

During healing (first 2 weeks) your eyebrows will appear darker and bolder due to natural scabbing and healing. This is very common for all permanent cosmetic procedures.

What to expect during healing process

After your Microblading procedure your brows go through several stages of healing. It is crucial that you follow all steps and recommendations provided to you. Right after your treatment your brows will appear bolder and darker than your final healed result. The intensity of the pigment will settle within a few days and after the 6th-9th day you will see what your brows will end up looking like. Be patient - great things come to those who wait.

Touch-Up Appointment

A touch-up appointment is necessary for you to receive the full benefits of this procedure. This touch-up appointment is complimentary and should be scheduled to be performed between 4-6 weeks after your initial visit. Important! The touch-up appointment is crucial to achieve optimal results - do not skip this step!

Your new brows!

Healed results will vary with each individual client depending on skin type and other factors. But most importantly - your results depend on how well you cared for your new brows during the initial two weeks of healing. Detailed post care instructions and how to best care for your new brows will be provided to you after your visit at Brow Bar DC.

Permanent makeup is NOT recommended for any clients who are or have:

  • Pregnant or Nursing
  • Allergic to anesthetic (Lidocaine)
  • Had Botox in the past month
  • Used Accutane in the past year
  • Tendency towards keloids
  • Diabetic
  • Viral infections and/or diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • A Pacemaker or major heart problems
  • Had an Organ transplant
  • Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Skin irritations or Psoriasis near the treated area (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc.)
  • Sick (cold, flu, viral infection outbreak etc.)
  • Extremely Oily or Problematic Skin

*We advise new clients to book their Microblading appointments 3 months in advance of vacations, weddings, and other special occasions. This allows adequate time for healing of both your initial Microblading procedure as well as the Touch-Up appointment.

On point brows every day!