What's the difference between Microblading and regular tattooing?

First, traditional body tattooing use electric tools and the needle will penetrate both the first and second layer of your skin (epidermis and dermis) when depositing ink. A Microblading procedures involves pigments deposited by a manual hand tool, drawing very precise and fine lines, and only penetrating the first layer of your skin (epidermis). Therefore, Microblading results are much more subtle than traditional tattooing, giving you a natural looking enhancement while also creating depth through a 3D illusion. 

Is Microblading permanent?

Microblading is a semi-permanent method. Meaning, the results will last anywhere between 10-18 months depending on how well you take care of your news brows during the healing period, and also depending on your skin type and how well it retains the pigment. When the Microblading effect starts to fade (very slow and gradual process) you can always come back for an additional touch up.

Does it hurt? 

Everyone's pain tolerance is different. We usually tell our clients that the actual ink deposit feels like a paper cut - some feel it and some aren't much bothered. You can rest assured however that we do have topical anesthetics/numbing creams that we apply before the procedure for your comfort. You also have the option of taking two over the counter Tylenol tablets prior to arriving for your appointment to reduce discomfort.

Can anyone have Microblading done?

Yes! There are no requirements for your brows to look in a specific way before the treatment - we are here to help make them look perfect regardless of how sparse or pale they are!

Some high risk patients who have severe and chronic medical issues (cancer, autoimmune disorders etc.) are deferred from having this procedure done (please contact us directly if you have specific health concerns or medical conditions). Our client forms will cover all the necessary information regarding this question. If you still want microblading done please consult with your doctor and get back to us with a written clearance consent. 

After years of waxing my brows had become so sparse. Now I have full lush brows again.
— Kate P., Clarendon, VA